All songs are written by David Biondo with Cowrites with Jason Hickman on the following 

My Boat's Got  A Hole In It 

Tarzan & Jane 

I Want to Get to Heaven. I Never Admit Defeat 

Claire- Starbright. 

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People to Thank! 

Jason Hickman - Producer / Engineer Prodigal Production Studio Parker CO / Bogwan / Friend / Confidant, Musician Extraordinaire, Teacher.... 

Ryan Peru - Aztec Media Colorado Springs, CO for doing my storyboards like butter. 

Autumn Smart - Actress on Claire - Starbright Video - Your attention to detail is amazing as are you ROCK STAR. 

I Want To Get To Heaven, I never admit Defeat - Dedicated to Belinda S Dehart. 

Special Thanks to Keith Gorgas, Jane McDougall and Family. You know it, Ewen! 

My Mom and Dad for letting me BANG on the drum all day! 

The Highest Power Almighty God. 

My influences are so many all over the world. We did it! 

David Glasser - Airshow Mastering Boulder, CO 

Jason Johnson Xlj Photography Lafayette, CO 

Ivy Wilde School-Colorado Springs, CO for use of your facilities. 

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Thanks to Friends of the Riders for believing in me. 

All My Clients, Fans and Friends! You rocked this. 

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The Storm Chasers - Dwight, Bryant, Wayne and Dewey are all MVP'S! You guys are the best! TRUE PROS! 

Robert Bonfiglio - My Harmonica Teacher - You are the Greatest! EVER! THE WELL!