What you will get from us. More than happy patrons having a great time interacting with the experience of joy through music. 

Added Value: We have a great time as musicians and it will show. This will spill into your living room or Atmosphere, Venue, Shed... 

We will give you the powerful opportunity for your workers to make BIG TIPS based on BIG SALES. Our fans will patronize your venue and other businesses you may or may not own to its full potential. 

You can expect. Unprecedented Blues, Rock, Jazz with hints of other genres appearing and disappearing performed in a professional manner. 


Audience participation will be a part of the show. We have a dancer who will come at your request with a lighted Hula Hoop to entertain and interact with patrons on stage and/ or off stage. 

She is delightful Autumn Smart. 

We are very happy to accommodate you so please let us know what it is you are looking for if need be. 

We will perform an encore and extend it if we have time or you have time. 

Please contact me via email for all correspondence at djbido1960@gmail.com My cell phone is 303-916-5392.