Hurricane Dave and The Storm Chasers: 


273Kutsu Ridge Rd Florissant CO 80816      719-687-5947 / 303-916-5392 cell 

Hi I am David Biondo- Hurricane Dave, 

My career began when I moved to Colorado in 1994 after spending 19 years in the closet playing diatonic harmonicas in NJ. I was invited by a neighbor to sit in for a benefit at the famed Tres Hombres in Woodland Park. I was brought up on stage and introduced as we did a Travis Tritt song. I was getting ready to leave the stage after unusually loud applause when the lead singer Mark said stay up here let’s do another song. We launched into another song of which I can’t remember. During my solo Mark walked up behind me and said “I don’t know who you are, but you are in this band” I went on to learn 300 songs as Thunder Mountain was the house band at Cowboys for 5 years when it was out on Academy and LaSalle in Colorado Springs.  

We opened for many National Acts including getting an offer from Capital Records for our songs. We turned down that offer as it was poorly written. The band eventually had some retire and never even broke up officially as we all remain in contact.  

I became a part time member of the High Trail Riders for a period who are Colorado Legend Worthy here in Woodland Park and beyond.  

I then went onto become a hard-core rock blues harmonica player for Chaz DePaolo on my label Smoke Tone Records LLC for 11 years. We put out quite a few recordings to acclaim including getting a Global Music Award for Resolution Blues engineered by Grammy Award winning Ben Elliott. We toured all the US, UK and Ireland. It was towards the latter end of my stint with Chaz I started hearing my own music.  

This is a 6-year project with Jason Hickman my Engineer/ Producer at Prodigal Production Studios Parker CO. I called in my friends I have been playing on and off with for over 25 years at jam sessions and gigs. The songs span, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Rockabilly, Reggae, Funk, Spaghetti Western and more. The Tidd Bits are tasty.  Blooze BlowDown will get you moving physically in many different facets of the Blues from Delta, Psychedelic Gospel, Jump, NY Style Jazzy, New Orleans Style, Chicago… Rootsy you will dig it. Give it a spin on any steaming site under the band name. Call for a CD. The Video for Claire -Starbright is up on the website.  Call me for interviews to learn about this wonderful project about to hit BIG EVERYWHERE!! 

Wayne Hammerstadt – Electric Guitars Wayne is an artist in his own right having just released his own Rock Fusion CD called Patternicitin. Wayne has his background in Classical Lute Playing. You may have heard him down at the Cliff House in Manitou Springs playing these unique classics while you enjoy a lovely meal. Then again, he has been a stable in many classic rock bands in the Pikes Peak Region Playing with the Inman Brothers for many years.  

Dewey Steele – is sponsored by Yamaha Drums / London Drum Sticks / Soultone Cymbals. He has the far-reaching sounds of Erskine, Gadd, Purdie as part of his repertoires with his own unique twist on percussion. A teacher at many high schools and middle schools throughout the region he is the drum coach! He has helped Woodland Park drummers in recent years as part of their marching band. 

Dwight Thompson – Double Bass / Electric including Fretless Bass. Hailing from Denver Dwight was recommended by Bif Gore a top ten contestant on The Voice and pastor at University Church in Greenwood Village whom I have double fronted a one off with before. His talent is worldly and was a resident of Trinidad playing Tobago music a dialect of reggae music not many know. Amazing once you hear him you just can’t sit still but you can try. In Fact when Dewey and Dwight played together the first time it was like two thoroughbreds out of the gate. Bam! Off and running!  

 Bryant Jones – Keyboards A true gift from Manitou Springs – They call him the piano man. Bryant has played with many bands throughout the years. When he was brought into the studio Jason Hickman nearly did a standing ovation in his chair. Oh quite the treat.  

Please call me for more information. Thanks!  

David Biondo – Acoustic Guitar, Diatonic and Chromatic Harmonicas, Lap Steel, Melodica and Vocals